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Mainland Spain can be divided into four climatic zones:

  1. Atlantic climate of northern coast.Temperatures here are 9ªC in winter and 18ªC in summer. This is the wettest part of the peninsula with annual rainfall between 800-1500mm, brought by a successive depressions from the Atlantic , particularly in autumn and winter. Although summers are cooler and wetter here than the rest of Spain.

    1. Continental Mediterranean climate of interior central plateau.Low temperatures in winter, with temperatures under -15ºC not uncommon, and under -20ºC regularly occurring. Summer an aver.

  2. Mediterranean climate: Temperatures of 11ºC in winter and 23ºC in summer. Annual rainfall between 250 mm and 600 mm.

  3. Mountain climate: Temperatures of 10'5ºC in winter and summer. It's of the mountains with more than 1200 m. of altitude.

    1. Subtropical climate. Canary Islands . Average winter temperatures above 14ºC. Average summer temperatures around 22ªC. Varied rainfall figures. 3287692601_fa8efebeef.jpg

Here, in Roquetas, the climate is Arid. In summer, the temperature is high, and in winter, the temperature is soft, it isn't high or low temperatures. The precepitations are scarce, in summer only rain when it's summer storm, but it'is very strong. In winter, in Roquetas snow every 40 years.