We are SheiLa and Simona,we are going to speak about the different dances in Spain.
In Spain many types of dances are practiced but the most popular is Flamenco and Jota. Now we are going to speak about it:

Flamenco & Jota.

Flamenco:This type of dance it's typical in the south of Spain,for this dance is necesary Flamenco dress this flamenco dress have different color,form,size but all of them have flounce.
Flamenco can dance women and men,but they have had prepare it before they have to dance.In the picture we can see a partner who are dancing one coreography,if you se this in person you be amazed.


Jota:This type of dance it's typical in the north of Spain.The Jota has three basic steps and this steps can combine with other steps.This types of dances can dance a group of people and in partner.


Modern Dance

In Spain there are many group of person who dance in the festivities and in the festival.In our high school are some people who participate in this dance.Now we go to speak about one of group.


This group dance in festival and in auditorium,in this group are person since 7 years and 23 years.In this group dance Sheila.They wear trellis with many plume,cap with plume and glitter.