We are Eli and Clara. We are students of the IES Las Marinas in Roquetas de Mar. We speak about the typical festivals in Spain.
Spain have many festivals, but the most famous are: St.Juan , St.Fermin, Christmas, Bull fighting , Carnivals, Holy Week.

The night of St. Juan is on 23th of June. In this festivity we celebrate the start of the summer. We go to beach and make bonfires. We eat fish and meat,... At 12 p.m. All the people swim in the sea.


St. Fermin
The festival of San Fermin in the city of Pamplona (Navarre) is a celebration annually from 6 July, when we open the celebration with the chupinazo, to 14 July. The most famous event is the encierro, a running of bulls.


The Carnivals
Is a public celebration in which we wear costumes. We make parades for the street and we throwing serpetines to the people from them. We make contests for the best costumes and the winner is the king or the queen of the festivity.

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