Hi! We are Mari Tere and Alba, from IES Las Marinas and we are 14. We are going to talk about some music groups that we like.

Zahara: She is a new singer from Jaén. Her songs are very cute. They are all related to love and happiness, her style is Pop and her favourite song is “Merezco”, that sponsored the Spanish's Cycling Race.
David Bisbal: He is a singer of Almeria. He's very known at every parts of the world. His style is Latin Pop and Flamenco. His song “Bulería” is very recognized. He went to Eurovision at 2001.
He sings the the official song of Football's world cup this year.

Lori Meyers is a musical group from Loja, Granada (It is a place near to Almeria. Their style is Indie Pop, and their songs talk about lots of different themes, like love, cotidian things...
My favourite song of this group is "Sin compasión". (n___n)

Sergio Contreras:He is a singer-songwriter from Huelva. Her song more popular is “Anocheció”.
Their style is pop, flamenco and rap
SFDK is the most famous Hip Hop Spanish music group. It was formed in Sevilla, some years ago.