Hi, all!
We are Tor and Yvette. We are going to speak about the sport that people in Spain practise. The most important is football, but we also practise sports as basketball, horseriding, tennis, cycling, fishing, volley-ball, bodyboard, surfing,...


Real Madrid is the team with more Europe Cups in the world.It is the best club since 20th century. But in Spain there are many people who support Real Madrid or Barcelona (they are the most important teams in Spain). For example I support Barça and Tor supports Real Madrid.



Well, Rafa Nadal is the best tennis player in the world.He was born on 3 june in 1986. He is 24 years old. He is the youngest player of Davis Cup, he won three times in a round Roland Garros. He won his first Cup with 8 years old in the Illes Balears. He played in Auckland.



Ricky Rubio is a basketball player. He was born on 21 october in 1990. He is very young but is very good. With 18 years old was the best player in Europe, but until he was 10 years old he used to play football. In 2005 he met Michael Jordan and he was surprised by his play.