Hello, we are Carlos and Manuel. In this part of the wiki we will talk about the most important places of Spain. We will tell you what places are more interesting and what places we would like to visit which aren't the same. For example, the historic places or in which part of Spain it is better to go on holidays.
One of the best places to go on holidays is Lloret de Mar. In this place the beaches are fantastic and the water is very clear and so there are a lot of good hotels near of the sea. There are lots of casinos, so people who like to play have a great opportunity. And near them there is the most important adventure park in Spain, Port Aventura, which is one of the best in the world
other of the most important places of Spain is very near of Almeria the alhambra of Granada, it is a Historic place the alhambra was built around the 12 century and is a place of a lot of romantic histories. is an incredible site was built in the muslim style, later was destroyed and rebuilt by the catholics and also have parts of other architectures styles, this is a photo of the alhambra at night:luna-granada-para-galeria.jpg